Instrumental and synths textures features minimalist arrangements

Neutral Message: Instrumental track featuring piano, electric elements, and acoustic guitar. Its unobtrusive sound makes it a good fit for tv, as it provides a neutral mood for the viewer to focus entirely on the visuals without distraction. Whether used for background during a dramatic scene or for a documentary.

Practise: Designed for TV background use. Its pensive chord progressions and soft synth textures create a thoughtful and unobtrusive atmosphere. Perfect for subtle and contemplative scenes, it adds a touch of emotion without overpowering the visuals.

Subgenres: News
Moods: calm, light, gentle, chill, dreamy
Label: Soundport
Publisher: Warner Chappell Production Music GmbH

By using the tracks, I agree to use them only for TV contributions in public or private broadcasting (except commercials) and indicate this in my GEMA notification. For more information, see the terms of use.