structured, efficient, and transparent

I do my best to provide a fun and constructive learning atmosphere. I give realistic and constructive feedback when it comes to your concrete learning goals and what you need to do on your own to get better. I see myself as funny and friendly, but also clear and to the point if necessary.

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I have lectured at various band camps and guitar workshops for many years. Together with Stephan Emig I run the Complete Music Camp, which takes place annually in Kassel and Hamburg. At the camps, bands are put together and spend four days writing songs. The results are played live in concert at that end of the camp.


My main instrument is the guitar, but I’m also trained and well-versed in the basics of the drums, piano, bass, and vocals. I put my focus and energy into understanding the essence of what makes a band a band. Develop a distinct and authentic sound and understand what it needs to get the band grooving. I‘m challenging, but I never ask for more than I know is there. Coaching I approach like producing: how do you get the best results out of what is already there.

© Anni Buhl
© Carsten Herwig


My teaching activities cover a wide range of subjects. At the Ev-Popakademie I teach the subjects band coaching, guitar, and methodology; at the Hamburg School of Music I teach guitar and head the pedagogy department and also teach Popular Music in the Bachelor’s program. In addition, I give continuing education courses for teachers at music schools and public schools on the subjects of group teaching, learning objectives, teaching methods, and band conducting.


I prepare guitarists who are applying to colleges or vocational schools for their entrance exams. We work out a learning strategy for passing the exam in a targeted and structured way. I encourage the strengths and try to compensate for the weaknesses.

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